Daily Rituals

For ultimate radiance

Hey Sleeping Beauty,

How do you wake up each morning?


How do you wake up each morning?

Daily rituals are about introducing easy-to-integrate techniques into your everyday life that empower and support long-term happiness. While you sleep each night, millions of baby cells are born, and when you wake up, you get to educate them just as you please….

Meditating buddha babies, or I-phone crack babies…mmm…tough choice…

These are the sum of small things, that over time, make the big difference.

Sounds simple right? Yet why is it so hard to actually do?!

Our approach to daily self-care is meditation-based, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga, adapted to modern-times and curated specifically to you. We love to weave in some movement and wellness wisdom to give it an extra boost.

From here, you have two options…. first up for newcomers and those wanting to dive deep with extra TLC, we offer private coaching combined with regular check-ins both in person and via Skype.

Then there is our online group journey. Think of it like an epic road-trip into the depths of your subconscious mind, rewiring habits and shifting your reality, while building skills that will hold you through the rockiest of rollercoaster and brightest times.

Want to make progress?

It’s all about self-practice.


New to meditation or don’t have a daily ritual yet? We start with a private coaching session rooted in the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. These set-up sessions combine a deep-dive into what your objectives are followed by choosing a practice best suited to you, and then learning it together. We also help you set up your sacred space at home, and navigate all the potential pitfalls along the road to making this a must-not-miss in your everyday.

Rituals really work when they are CURATED to what’s really going on in our lives, integrated realistically into our schedules so we can see tangible results.

TIME: 3 hours




Want to go on an adventure? Over 40 days, we lead an intimate online group through an 11-22 minute Kundalini Meditation designed to get right to the heart of your deepest bulls**t. When we meditate, we clear out the subconscious, so this is shadow work for the brave. Usually, we love to duck out when things get tough (the ego can be very persuasive), so this is when the group energy and daily support steps in to see you through those stumbling blocks.

What’s more, we dive deep into the juiciest of topics, from meditations for self-sabotage, to clearing the energy of past sexual partners, healing broken hearts and building energetic boundaries so you can mastermind the office like a Goddess. This is the next step up from meditating with an app and is where you’ll see fast, long-lasting results.



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