Heal the deepest wounds

Understanding how your mental and emotional patterns keep your trapped


Let’s get

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Sick of getting stuck in the same cycles?

Realise that events or experiences in your childhood or past are keeping you trapped?

Theta Healing is a powerful, yet gentle energy technique that works directly with the subconscious, reprogramming negative beliefs and shifting deep rooted blocks. Think of it like a cross-between hypnosis and NLP, yet powered by light.

Most limiting beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind and picked up from parents, child-hood, society, our bosses, our lovers, our ancestors and even our past-lives. Most of the time, these beliefs aren’t even really ours, yet boy, do they keep us blocked.

Like detectives, we use muscle-testing (the body’s reflexes) to pinpoint the beliefs that keep you trapped and reprogram a new system that fully supports all you are ready to be and do in the here and now. Theta Healing also works as a powerful technique to clear energy ties and contracts that can keep you trapped in the past, so sessions such as these are like leap-frogging forward, helping you claim huge chunks of energy back.

Do we hear you cry FREEEEEEDOM?!

This approach is particularly effective for fast-change related to:

  • LOVE - healing from past loves and opening up to new connections

  • PROSPERITY - Forgiveness and Resentment

  • FREEDOM Stepping into your Power

  • POWER Finding your Purpose.

  • Developing strong, clear Boundaries.

  • Addressing patterns of People-Pleasing and Over-Achieving.

  • Prosperity; removing blocks to making, saving and investing the money you need.

  • Dealing with Trauma; including sexual and verbal abuse.

  • Addressing Addictive Patterns, including drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Grief Support and Resolving Relationships with the Deceased

  • Body-Image, Over-Eating or Under-Eating



In our modern world, we are subject to constant stimulus, meaning our subconscious gets filled up with junk. Just like you would do a juice detox, or spring clean your home, this is a complete detox for your emotional and mental system that can have direct and profound results on your everyday experience of life.



“I was facing a lot of negative blocks in life after losing a job, and felt really stuck, both in work and relationships. I had heard about Lauren's healing talents and decided to see if she could help. Already after doing my first session with her, I felt a massive release of emotions. She helped me to recognise my deepest blocks and work on them in a easy and structured way that helped me move past them remarkably quickly. What was so surprising is that after our session, everything I was searching for came together perfectly! In the following weeks, an old love came back into my life and i got offered a new dream job. I will always be truly grateful for how much she helped on this journey. I just love this girl for everything she is and does, and for sharing the best to everyone she meets.”

M.B Architect, Lisbon



Private sessions begin with honing in on the biggest blocks to your happiness and wellbeing and rewiring them.  While individual sessions are highly effective, we recommend a block of 4 over a period of 8 weeks for a complete reboot. This can be supported and maintained with regular meditation coaching and EFT to give you the tools to maintain and build on the change at home.

Sessions are held in person with Lauren, or on Skype and last between 1.5-2 hours. The intention is for deep healing and the space is held in full trust.

Book below to reserve for a single Spring Clean or the signature Deep Detox, with 4 sessions spread over 8 weeks.


Kind words from Clients

Lauren is incredibly talented at what she does, I had not heard of theta healing before Lauren kindly introduced it to me, I was amazed how powerful the therapy was and how various truths I had been in denial of and previous traumas were either answered or dealt with in a very cathartic way.

Lauren was very adept at dealing with these issues as they came up, talking them through and assisting in providing a helpful conclusion. She went above and beyond with her time and ability to assist with questions I was asking of myself throughout the therapy.

I would highly recommend Lauren to anybody looking to address long term issues, mental roadblocks and wanting to shift to a more positive and productive way of thinking, greater happiness and clarity.

A.C, Entrepreneur

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