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This is Your Inner Revolution



My name is Lola and I am about to give you the keys to your inner freedom,

by rewiring what keeps you trapped on the inside.

Are you ready to say goodbye to self-sabotage?

“I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in as long as I can remember. I just wanted to say thank you so much!”

Say Goodbye to


What does it mean to be a leader in today’s world?



Designed as a 4 part journey for emotional freedom and ongoing empowerment, each of the above stages can be enjoyed separately or as part of our 8 week Leadership program.


Where do you want to begin?
















Heightened times of transition call for fast change within. The world is in a spin as old orders crumble and new structures emerge. It can feel totally baffling to many (and we are just at the beginning) till we look deeper. It’s down to the Aquarian Age (read more about the shift here), which has prompted the Age of Information and all those phones… We are now more connected than ever, which is a blessing sure, but what about our Boundaries? As the physical and digital worlds blur, never has it been more important to care for the mind, trust our intuition and remember what it feels like to live from the heart. To capture the wisdom of the land, the tribes and what sleeps within, before it gets lost in the relentless tide.

Lauren P. Holmes

Lauren P. Holmes



From boardroom to the bar


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This approach is particularly effective for fast-change related to:

  • LOVE - healing from past loves and opening up to new connections

  • PROSPERITY - Forgiveness and Resentment

  • FREEDOM Stepping into your Power

  • POWER Finding your Purpose.

  • Developing strong, clear Boundaries.

  • Addressing patterns of People-Pleasing and Over-Achieving.

  • Prosperity; removing blocks to making, saving and investing the money you need.

  • Dealing with Trauma; including sexual and verbal abuse.

  • Addressing Addictive Patterns, including drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Grief Support and Resolving Relationships with the Deceased

  • Body-Image, Over-Eating or Under-Eating