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Manifest like a MOFO

“ If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never think another negative one again”

If you think manifesting is new-age mumbo-jumbo, think again. In fact, you are already an expert, manifesting all the time. Each of your thoughts carries a weight, an energy, that shapes your future, the world around you. So how are you using it? Now it’s time to make the power work for you, rather than against you.

(hint, it’s not about those big intentions, but all about the background noise)

If Step 1 and 2 on this journey is all about clearing space and blocks, now we need to fill that space with something. This is when we get to have some fun. I first came across manifesting as a concept many years ago while reading a book about how Natalie Massanet made Net-A-Porter the powerhouse it is today. Every night she practised manifestation….

Welcome to the Dream Factory

“The only difference between genius and non-genius? Genius manifests while non-genius dreams”.


11 day manifest



Dream circles

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How to




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“I felt so “home” within 1 minute of meeting you! You empowered me to shine and today’s session was incredible. I felt a lot shift while you were working. Keep doing what you love because you are so special”.

B.S Photographer, Barcelona