Lauren Dance Headshot.JPG

My name is Lauren

This is me in full joy

But it wasn’t always likes this

Like a lot of women, i spent many years having very little clue what it felt like to be the POWER of my feminine side.

To be honest, I couldn’t have even told you what that meant, let alone what it felt like. I grew up with 3 brothers, and as a girl, was fiercely independent and just a tad competitive. I could take on the world all by myself! and win!

I studied at Oxford University, where I learnt how to use the power of my mind, but did it make me happy? My body didn’t think so, and chronic sickness over years showed me just what happens when we ignore our emotions and bury trauma deep within. From chronic fatigue to constant colds, the message came time and time again that a change was needed, but 50 per cent of the time it felt like fun ( adrenaline and cocktails is a potent pair). Life was heady and glamorous as I travelled the world as a luxury travel journalist (a dream job right?) except when I’d hit a creative burn-out from so little down-time and juggling multiple side projects to live the life of abundance I’d always dreamt of. The word ‘grounded’ didn’t exist in my vocabulary.


Then life threw me a curve ball…or Two.


A year of loss, a tough abortion, the death of a dear friend, the failure of a great love. Each one chipped away at all i thought i was, till i was empty. The globe-trotting party girl needed a new path, but I was so confused about my place, who I was as a woman. The abortion has triggered the trauma buried from an incident of sexual abuse in my teens and I realised I couldn’t skip through life anymore, turning a blind eye to my shadows. It was time to face the music (aka the deep grief/lack of self-love locked within) and listen to my body. I accepted that sadness and sickness was the result of choices I made on a daily basis… and it was time for a change! And by waking up to my entire responsibility came, (rather than fear) so much awe at the power that awaited within. 

As Leonard Cohen says, ‘Cracks are how the LIGHT gets in”.

I trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher,( one of the most empowering practices i’ve come across) moved to Bali (the heart of Feminine Wisdom) and while crying into smoothie bowls and dancing in waterfalls, I gradually glimpsed my greater purpose, understoof how to talk to Grief, what energetic boundaries actually were and started studying healing. Theta Healing to be specific, which is literally like magic when it comes to shifting deep-rooted blocks. Hopefully you’ll experience it for yourself soon enough.

Remarkably, as soon as I began, I stopped getting sick, as if my body was saying ‘Finally, girl! you got it!”.


I journeyed to Guatemala to work with the cacao shamans, then moved to Lisbon, where i taught Kundalini yoga and hosted cacao ceremonies and womb circles, while taking teacher trainings and courses on manifesting & abundance, conscious pregnancy and how to be a woman in the modern-world. Recently, that old Oxford side kicked back in and I started running retreats for leaders and entrepreneurs on how to lead with soft power, while ensuring long-term success and happiness through building their own wellbeing practices. (Can i tell you just how much i love this?!)

So how I can help you?

I combine some of the very best tools to support you on your path of healing and empowerment. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, creative, student or parent.

The issues we deal with in our lives are BIG and often we race past them, not knowing how to address them;

Perhaps you feel totally stuck at work, bullied, overcome with stress, or unable to connect with your power. Perhaps your relationship has lost intimacy. Perhaps, you’ve suffered sexual abuse, or been through an abortion or miscarriage that you’ve never really dealt with and that still lingers like a shadow in your life. Perhaps you look at yourself in the mirror and are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, fear for the future. Perhaps you’ve just been through a big transition, a new job, a child leaving home, and you find yourself adrift with no sense of purpose, swimming in grey. Perhaps you know that your childhood was tough, and there are scars buried there that you’ve never really dealt with.

Perhaps your heart is broken and you are ready to open it again.

Perhaps you are finally ready to realise how powerful you truly are, and that your dream life/love/career is really within you reach. step fully into the superstar that awaits within.

Let me teach you the tools to build an anchor within so strong you can weather any storm. To look at yourself with such deep love that you don’t need anyone else to heal your broken parts (which means the relationships you attract start to get a LOT better) For, when we ignore the shadows within, they start to play out in our wider world. The world’s current political landscape is full of leaders playing out their inner child dramas, so if we want change fast, then let’s get to work!

This is why now is the time to do this work, and fast.

This is the path to EMPOWERMENT.

It is the Path of Soft Power;

Of reawakening the Feminine wisdom that lives within, and then learning how to balance and honour it with the masculine energy, both in yourself and in your life.

Take my hand,

this is a journey of authenticity

and each step is paved with magic.