These are a few of my favourite things…

As well as online programs and private healings, there’s nothing quite like connecting in person. Below are a selection of our magic tools, perhaps you are coming to them for the first time, so we wanted to give you a bit more insight as to why we choose them.


Feature 1

Kundalini Yoga. So much to love about this practice. Apart from at the beginning, you usually don’t. It can feel totally bonkers to be flapping you arms like a bird while chanting strange sounds, and you can leave thinking ‘never again’. But then, somehow, you find yourself back on the mat, because, each time you notice that something has shifted, you feel lighter, stronger, brighter.

We could talk about Kundalini till the cows come home, about why its a practice that is so suited to the times we live in, so we do, in these videos.

As well as online classes, Lauren teaches around the world, in studios, festivals and retreats. Check out the calendar to see where you can catch her next.

Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science that was kept as a secret by the ruling classes of India for centuries, as it gave the emperors and brahmins the capabilities to govern great nations. They didn’t want the lower classes to get there hands on such a tool of empowerment, and they definitely didn;t want women to either. So it was quite the scandal when a Master called Yogi Bhajan took it to the West in the 70’s. The message had come that these were the teachings the world needed

Feature 2

Cacao? You mean chocolate? You are getting high on raw chocolate?

Exactly my friends. Cacao is

Feature 3

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