“ Empowerment for your People”

Are you interested in introducing wellness practices to support your team or business?

Our approach is authentic, engaging and enjoyable, rooted in easy-to-integrate techniques tailored to the individuals in your team, the challenges they face and your objectives as a business.

We could tell you about how wellness is a 3.4 trillion dollar industry, how leading talent is proven to prioritise companies where their wellbeing approach is on par with their career growth prospects, and that for your staff to shine as superstars, they need to be supported in all areas of their life. But if you are reading this, our guess is that we are already on the same page…

Combing corporate and creative backgrounds, we are experienced in connecting with entrepreneurs, executives and leaders and inspiring them with tools to enhance their happiness, creativity and productivity, whether in periods of great expansion or strategy shift.

This is the next level up from your annual corporate strategy events, fostering a greater environment of understanding, compassion and cohesive teams.

How does it work?

Our approach begins with a consultation with your MD, HR Director or leading decision maker to ascertain current scenario, goals and budget.

From here we create a customised program, curating leading local experts, teachers and healers into a stand-out program with trackable results.

Experiences include:

  • Team building exercises.

  • Off-site team retreats

  • Specialist leadership programs, including one-on-one support and coaching

  • In-house workplace wellness program, including regular yoga, meditation and mindfulness and half and full-day on-site retreats

  • Customised app curated for your own brand workplace wellness program to support your team’s integration

  • Integrated wellness experiences into your current executive events and programs

To find out more, request a call with our founder, Lauren, by sending an email outlining your needs and availability over the coming week to connect.